Dr. Florian Probst
Senior Researcher


e-mail: f.probst at sap dot com
main research interests  

Ontology Engineering
Formal Ontology
Foundational Ontologies (DOLCE)
Geospatial Ontologies
Semantic Interoperability
GI Web Services
Human Computer Interaction
Semantic Reference Systems

research group (alumnus)  

»Münster Semantic Interoperability Lab «


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PhD Thesis   Probst, F. (2007) Semantic Reference Systems for Observations and Measurements. PhD Thesis, University of Münster.    pdf

AppliedOntology (reviewer / editor)

Semantic Web Journal (reviewer)

Ontobras 2011 (program committee)

FOMI 2011 (program committee)

ACIS 2010 Brisbane (program committee)

GI-Days 2007 - Young Reseracher Forum (program chair)

AGILE International Conference on GI Science (program committee)

Geoinformatik (program committee)